Solutions by role

In developing our solutions we work with customers to meet the specific needs of your business line

Asset Manager

Accurately access and manage transactions across portfolios

Advanced solutions providing asset managers with performance data, comparative analytics, and cashflow analytics across all asset classes, including insights into the life cycle of a loan, deal and asset-level information.

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A suite of solutions for banks

Comprehensive structured solutions providing banks with a wide depth/breadth of capabilities through the securitization life cycle.  Our solutions assist with structuring transactions, gain transparency into waterfalls,  capital structures, and underlying loan analysis. Our platforms provide asset, market, deals,  pricing, and trading data for in depth analysis.

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A suite of solutions for traders to evaluate timely market analytics for trading

Provide robust investment decision-making through available timely market data including pricing, cashflow and comparative analytics.

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A suite of solutions for investors to assess, analyze and monitor investment transactions

Comprehensive coverage and integrated capabilities across all structured asset classes including reporting, data analysis, cashflow runs, asset portfolios, collateral analysis, monitoring, up-to-date access on markets, and detailed economic forecasts.

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Research Analyst

Access comprehensive structured solutions data

Leverage our vast, comprehensive Structured Finance data across asset classes for granular analysis, insights, comparisons, and market information to keep current on market trends.

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